Hyolmo Heritage Project

When the earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, most of the Hyolmo villages were destroyed. I started the project with the help of Khyentse Foundation in 2017 to preserve Hyolmo culture and create a platform where memories can be shared. Three members of the project recorded interviews in Hyolmo language (and a few in Nepali and Tibetan) on Buddhist practice, history, Bon tradition, pilgrimage, local art activities and memories of the past. Have a look at the project website:



Mani Lama Project

Between 1999 and 2001 I traveled around India to learn about Mani Lamas, an ancient storytelling tradition of Tibet. Went to Spiti, to see a buchen performance; visited Buchen Gyurme, one of the last mani lamas several times in his Dekyiling home; and journeyed to meet Buchen Norgye in Kollegal, South India.




Taught the following courses


Sacred Space
Sacred places of Buddhism in Asia
Introduction to Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism in Practice
Tibetan literary genres
Tibetan canonical literature


Religious beliefs and practice in Himalayan village communities
History of Buddhism in the Himalayan region
History of Nepal
History of Bhutan
The history of Buddhism in Hungary